Black fur sheepskin jacket

Black fur sheepskin jacket



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Motorcycle leather jacket UK

Do you live in a colder area and want to have extra protection from cold weather, this motorcycle leather jacket UK is perfect for you; its double layer, of fur, would protect you from extreme weather conditions and keep you warm and cozy all the time, in addition to complementing your looks and figure, especially when you wear this high quality leather jacket on tight paints or jeans. It is even more suitable as a outwear, as it gives higher utility and along with it you get all much-needed protection from weather element, which is highly impact full when you are on your bike. In spite of premium quality outwear, fur and very costly work of workmanship committed on this special top, it is priced just at $240, only a 20 or so dollars more than an average price for any ordinary outwear in the market.

So, when you are out to garment, check out this piece, it is guaranteed you feel let down in terms of quality, efficacy and safety; it comes with all these and other qualities.


Product Description

Material:                             High quality

Outer Shell:                       Genuine

Type:                                    Cow

Color:                                   Black

Fitting:                                Smart/Elegant

Finishing:                          Soft/Plain

Stitching:                           Industrial standard

Pockets:                             Two

Style:                                   Zipper Closure (including pockets)

Cuffs:                                  Button

Collar                                 Coat style

Extras:                               Two extra zipper layers


We back this jacket as a must-buy top for high quality and premium class, containing all features of style, safety, comfort, trendy design, competitive price and longer sustainability capacity.

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1-XS, 2-S, 3-L, 4-XL, 5-2XL, 6-3XL, Default

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