Biker Black Studded Leather Jacket

Biker Black Studded Leather Jacket
Biker Black Studded Leather Jacket (2)
Biker Black Studded Leather Jacket (3)
Biker Black Studded Leather Jacket (4)

Biker Black Studded Leather Jacket

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Leather Jacket Shop

Now this is truly an exceptional top , as it the headline says, it is leather jacket shop that is made of very carefully picked and a very high-quality sheep , and not just that, it is stitched with an equal amount of care and perfection that matches all quality standards and benchmarks. We recommend you that you must dole out your purse this time and buy this, and when we say dole out, it does not mean it is a very expensive that would require you to allocate special funds for it, you can buy it at a price (just under $200) at par with other jackets, but as far as its quality is concerned it would not let you down.

leather jacket shop

There is no question about it leather jacket shop stands out on the shelves with other outwear with a meager price tag and premium class, and the studs give it a lot of variety and fashion edge over similar outwear from its class and make.


Product Description


Material:                             Premium quality

Outer Shell:                       Genuine

Type:                                     Carefully picked fine sheep

Color:                                    Black

Fitting:                                 Smart

Finishing:                            Fine/plain

Stitching:                             High-quality industrial standard

Pockets:                               Two (just above waist)

Style:                                    Zipper (Including pockets)

Cuffs:                                    Zipper

Collar:                                   Shirt style

Extras:                                  Studs


It is time for you to invest into to a quality top and buy this jacket, we bet you would never regret to have invested into this ever, you would love it every time you wear it.

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1-XS, 2-S, 3-L, 4-XL, 5-2XL, 6-3XL, Default

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